Reset Your Destiny!

Reset Your Destiny to that of Abundance, Freedom,
Love, Joy and Wellbeing.  

This life-changing home-study program takes you

on a journey where you will Reconnect to Your Inner

Self and Build the New You Free from Fear, Unworthiness,

Scarcity and Limitations.

You will Rediscover Your Purpose and Reinvent Your

Life with a New Vision and Implement it.

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Your Outcomes...

What becomes possible for you if you have no more self-doubt, if your self-worth remains intact,
your self-love is complete and you have a deepened Spiritual connection?

• Understand how your thoughts and emotions create your reality and get the tools to master your mind to support the reality you want

• Free yourself from fears and limitations to become unstoppable, embrace your awesomeness and transform your challenges into opportunities

• Heal emotional wounds, free yourself from your past and be open and empowered to create a whole new life

• Create a whole new way of being and energy vibration leading to new actions, habits and the results you want

• Change your energy to gratitude and being at peace and generate more joy instead of stress, fear and scarcity

• Master your emotions and master your relationships, make sound decisions, take purposeful actions and feel good

• Interrupt your patterns of self-sabotage and create new habits that empower you to follow through and thrive in every aspect of your life

• Get the tools to run your brain and sustain the changes you make forever

• Design and create your blueprint for your new destiny and implement it

• Sleep like a baby and wake up happy so you can be present to your life, business, relationships, meetings, etc.

Overview of the Program

First you will start with a Self-Assessment to establish where you are now. This gives you a starting point and way to compare and measure your results at various intervals through out the program. Therefore you will also do a Self-Assessment at the end of the program.

Module 1: Understand Your Mind-Body Connection

We dive right in to establish awareness of your Mind-Body Connection and how feeling disconnected from who you really are is reflected in your thoughts, feelings, words and actions and how to let go of that which no longer serves you.

Module 2: Establish the Powerful New You

In every module we will explore a deeper level of awareness and with every layer you will Release more of the Past body-mind, the old-self.

Here you Terminate the Victim in you and Ignite your Victorious-Self as the first step to building the New You.

Module 3: Embrace Unconditional Self-Worth

To embrace and strengthen the Victor in you, you let go of any unworthiness and Establish Unconditional Self-Worth. This is profound, liberating and extremely powerful. This empowers you to step out of your comfort zone knowing that your self-worth stays intact.

Module 4: Free Yourself From Fear

Here we go yet another layer deeper where you Explore your Fears and Transform them into Power-Beliefs!  No more anxiety. You are in control.

Learning about the anatomy of fear and how you do fear frees you from the clutches of it as well as use them to your advantage.

Module 5: Expand Your Perception Awareness

By now I wonder how your energy and thoughts have changed to reflect who you want to be. This level of awareness uncovers any Troubling Ways of Perceiving situations and Tools to change them to Align with Who you Want to Be and the life you really want. This module has been divided into two parts.

Module 6: Define Your New Personality

Now you have a new energy where you wake up Not Feeling disconnected and fearful as if something is wrong anymore. Actually you notice that your energy has changed for a while already. It’s time to define your New Personality and unpack and articulate your New Way of Being and measure the extent to what you are living it.

Module 7: Build a New Future

It’s time to create your New Future and here you will establish or confirm your Purpose for your life going forward – your personal mission. Dream-Design-Surrender-Give Thanks. You have built the New You and New Life layer upon layer. While you plan the new vision for your life you continue to Grow your Connection with the Universal Mind and listen to guidance on what actions to take.

Module 8: Celebrate Your New Destiny and the Way Forward

Just appreciate how far you have come in just 8 weeks! Your Energy has changed, you have a New Personality with new possibilities and you are changing your Personal Reality. Here we celebrate and set the next steps of how to take this further and integrate it deeper into your life.
Doing this Life-Changing Program You Will:

Create a Robust Relationship with Yourself


Free Yourself from Anything Holding You Back


Get the Tools to Integrate the New You

Design the Blueprint for Your New Life with a New Vision and Purpose

Create an Action Plan to Implement Your New Vision

Change the Course of Your Life to a New Destiny

What you are getting...
  • 8 Modules of Video & Audio Training
  • Study guide for every Module
  • Meditation for every Module


  • Health and Vitality program
  • Discover Your Life Purpose
  • Expand Your World

Throughout this course you will Track Your Progress by keeping a Journal. With every module you receive the recording of a Daily Meditation for the next week incorporating the next Layer of Transformation.

Here's to Your Personal and Spiritual Awakening!



Wow I stand amazed! Using the tools has made such a difference in my life – for the first time I am able to better some of my personality traits as well as other shortcomings. My relationships have improved because of my new way of looking at life and handling situations. Again, have to say I am very grateful that I have met Dina and that I am doing the course. This is exactly what I needed! Elize Kruger

Whoever you are, an individual, a coach, a leader, or a manager, seeking to shift the paradigms in your current life, I highly recommend Dina Marais as a transformational meta-coach. She will show you how to step out of a place of struggling with yourself to a place where you can really improve the quality of your life with a new mindset and start unleashing your unique talents with calmness, acceptance, confidence, and appreciation. Jeanne-Elvire Adotevi

Dina encouraged and empowered me with skills and strategies regarding my way of thinking. I realised I have became a victim of negative experiences in my past life, that is influencing my future and my way of thinking. I have learnt from Dina and my close personal sessions with her that I have to focus on my thoughts. I have learnt how to stay in my “power zone”. It means that I can have control over my thoughts. Only this particular exercise already made a huge change in my life. Maragaret Lotter


I came across this quote today- it adds to the lessons I got from yesterday's session.

"The good news is that the moment you decide that what you know is more important than what you have been taught to believe,you will have shifted gears in your quest for abundance. Success comes from within not from without." Ralph Waldo Emerson ( 1803-1882)

This is my testimony for finding this program working for me, it has provided so much knowledge  to say I am a wonderful, powerful, complete creation of God. The power of the Lord is the same light inside me. As I change my thinking, lifestyle and connection to the ecosystem I draw on this internal wisdom. Nozuko Twala


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Yes I am ready to Awaken my Personal Power to Free my Self from the Past, Create the Life I Want and Reset My Destiny!

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