Create Your Prosperous Soul Purpose Business

Every entrepreneur wants to make an abundant living doing what they love. Yet it can seem like trying to find your way through a maze with no exit. As a business coach and mentor, Dina knows exactly what this feels like and this has been confirmed by her clients and inspired her to write this ebook.


The aim of the ebook is to give you the entrepreneur the big picture of what a business consists of as well as the details for every basic component. Dina explains every business function in a practical way that is easily understood. She also provides best practices to implement every business function.

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Topics Covered
This ebook will not only give you Insight into where your Business is Now, but also the What, Why and How to Build Your Prosperous SoulPurpose Business.

The Premises

of a Prosperous Soul Purpose Business


of a Profitable Business


the Most Important Piece of Equipment in Your Business


Clarity is Power

Purpose and Niche

there is Riches in Niches


your Mirror to the World

Business Model

that Satisfies Your Business and Lifestyle Financial Needs

Business Strategy

to Achieve Your Milestones, Goals & Actions

Business Skills Best Practices

Marketing, Selling, Leverage Your Expertise & Service Offerings

Systems and Processes

to Automate Your Business


to Support Your Further

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This ebook gives you a roadmap to create your prosperous soul purpose business as it navigates you through the basics of what it takes to create a successful, profitable business. It is filled with illustrative diagrams and practical exercises that will help you to build your business step by step.

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