Working with Me

Have you wondered what it would be like to have a multiple 5-figure or even a 6-figure business with ease?  For it to work smoonthly with certainty? So that you have the time and the means to enjoy the fruits of your labour? And not to have to work harder and harder, having less and less time for your family and yourself?

Yes you can and I can help you create that in just the way you like it!
What would that look like for you?
Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get there?
Are you hungry enough for that?
Is your desire strong enough to motivate and inspire you continuously?

Are you open to experience this as a journey and not a destination so that you can enjoy the Divine miracle of it unfolding and the miracle of you becoming who you need to be connecting with the Divine Abundance Energy to manifest your vision?

Then you are in the right place! 

Depending on your needs you can choose between the following

Abundant Business with Ease Program

Personal Powers & Business VIP Days

Unlimited Laser Coaching

Abundant Business with Ease Program

Do you want it all? A prosperous business that you love supporting the lifestyle you desire while sharing your gifts with the world?

The question is, how important is that to you and how committed are you to get it?

Working with me you will: 

  • Set up a crystal clear vision and action plan to know exactly what you want, where you are going and how you are getting there.
  • Define and or refine your niche and message so that your tribe can see, hear and find you.
  • Step up in your business and be stretched to step into a bigger game.
  • Learn and improve your business skills for marketing, selling, launching, delivery, service, managing, etc.
  • Design a business model that satisfies your business and lifestyle needs.
  • Design and create the offerings that would provide your business with the means to create different income streams of recurring and passive income.
  • Design and implement systems and processes to automate your business freeing up your time.
  • Appoint and grow your team when necessary.
  • Uncover and remove every hidden challenge and obstacle that is stopping you or slowing you down from achieving your goals.
  • Achieve every goal you set as part of your vision unless you decide to change or discard it.

And much more!!

Wow I stand amazed! Using the tools has made such a difference in my life – for the first time I am able to better some of my personality traits as well as other shortcomings. My relationships have improved because of my new way of looking at life and handling situations. Again, have to say I am very grateful that I have met Dina and that I am doing the course. This is exactly what I needed!

– Elize Kruger

How We Work:

The Abundant Business with Ease Program is a 12-Month Program and involves 1-on-1 and Group Sessions.
You have the choice between 1 (Gold) or 2 (Platinum)  45 minute 1-on-1 Sessions per month.

There are 2 Abundant Business with Ease Group Sessions.

You get a 15-Minute Catch-Up Call per month with me.
You will do a Deep-Dive Planning Session twice with me.

As a private client you become a member of the Abundant Growth Biz Club doing 2 Training Calls per month.

Plus you also have access to any of my other Group Programs or Trainings.

You become part of a community of entrepreneurs who are supportive and collaborative, allowing the opportunity of learning and growing together.

We will first do a Free Strategy Session to establish if we are a good fit.
For this you need to do some prep-work that you will receive via email once you have booked your strategy session.
I don’t work with everybody. It’s important to me that you are fully committed to do whatever it takes to achieve your outcomes, partcipate and be supportive in the Group Sessions.

If we have never met before, then I prefer to first do a Free 15-Minute Connection Session and see if we want to progress to a Strategy Session. To do this, please go to Contact Me at the top of the page and send me a request to connect. 

Book your Free Strategy Session

Can’t wait to meet you!

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Once you commit to the program, we set the ball rolling and schedule your first kick-off 90-minute session.

Whoever you are, an individual, a coach, a leader, or a manager, seeking to shift the paradigms in your current life, I highly recommend Dina Marais as a transformational meta-coach.She will show you how to step out of a place of struggling with yourself to a place where you can really improve the quality of your life with a new mindset and start unleashing your unique talents with calmness, acceptance, confidence, and appreciation.

– Jeanne-Elvire ADOTEVI Executive and SMB’s Meta-Coach, Coach Supervisor Facilitator, Hypnotherapist.

Skyrocket Your Personal Power & Business VIP DAY

Jumpstart creating a Robust Relationship with Your Self that will Skyrocket Your Personal Power and Your Business!

  • Remove the debris of Self-worth issues and other hidden challenges that’s been holding you back and at the same time restore and deepen your Divine Connection.
  • Create your crystal clear Vision from this New Powerful You.
  • Compile a complete Roadmap and Action Plan to implement your new Vision and Skyrocket Your Business!
  • Get the mindset tools that will support, accelerate and sustain your success.
  • This will be the most highly intentional coaching you get to experience that will cut like a laser beam through inner blocks to open up possibilities and dreams you have deemed unattainable.
  • The VIP Day is for you if you desire to Accelerate Huge Progress towards your dreams and eradicate self-doubt for good. The question is, what becomes possible for you when you would have no self-doubt and feel deeply loved, safe and connected to the Divine? What conversations will you have with your partner, children, friends, parents, colleagues… What projects will you embark on?
  • What opens up for you when you transform from IMPOSSIBLE TO I’M POSSIBLE?
  • You have a choice between Full VIP Day (6 hours) or Half VIP Day (3 hours).

How I work:

We will first do a Free Strategy Session to establish what option works best for you and immediately schedule your VIP Day!

Book your Free Strategy Session

Can’t wait to meet you!

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Unlimited Laser Coaching for a Year

My “Unlimited Mindset” Laser Coaching Program giving you 
Unlimited, 1-on-1 Coaching with me for A Full Year – for only $1997

This is what you what you get for the low $1997 (one-time) price:

  • World Class Coaching to help you get Real Results
  • Your First Call Is 30 minutes so we can dig deep and find your biggest blocks preventing you from enjoying the business and lifestyle you desire
  • UNLIMITED 20-Minute Laser Coaching Sessions
    Recordings Of Your Coaching Calls
  • Homework on Each Call (complete your homework and then 
schedule in your
next coaching call)
  • Unlimited Email Support If You Need Help With Your Homework

Let me coach you to: 

  • Blast through your inner blocks that are stopping 
you from getting what you want in your business and life
  • Systematically move towards manifesting your vision
  • Strategize your actions so that you make steady progress
  • Easily accomplish your goals
  • Have the mindset that anything is possible for you
  • Feel inspired and excited about your journey of where 
you want to be in a year, personally, professionally, financially 
and enjoy the ride!

This is limited to only a few spots so please accept my apologies in advance if the link is not active anymore and schedule a free strategy session so we can determine another option for you.