Working with Me

Congratulations on having the desire to invest in yourself, your business and your future, determined to overcome whatever is in the way of your success!

You are looking for help because
you have a beautiful vision, but your struggle to manifest it?

You’ve been working on taking your business to the next level and you’re feeling frustrated and deflated because you’re NOT making the Progress you thought you would.

Although you are working your butt off having little or no life, you’ve got little to show for it.

Not enough people are signing up for your stuff.

Money is not flowing in at the rate you want it to and you don’t quite know what to do next.

You are grasping at quick fixes, shiny objects that’s not the answer.

If any of the above is you, then the place to start looking to resolve the problem is your Mindset Energy Vibration Alignment that is most probably out of whack!

What if you could
have the Mindset Energy Vibration Alignment + Best Practices + Resources (Tech & Templates) that you could follow and apply to your Biz?
Plus joining a small Group of Entrepreneurs also manifesting their goals?

What if you could
Manifest your Next Big Biz Goal in 90 Days or less
without working 12-hour days, chasing shiny objects or reinventing the wheel?

Dina is the first coach to give me a full picture of an actual business in ACTION. Now I know not only how to arrange all my big ideas into meaningful communications but into a full and satisfying program. I MEAN WOW. Thank you. This has been incredible!

– Christine Merriman

Whoever you are, an individual, a coach, a leader, or a manager, seeking to shift the paradigms in your current life, I highly recommend Dina Marais as a transformational meta-coach.She will show you how to step out of a place of struggling with yourself to a place where you can really improve the quality of your life with a new mindset and start unleashing your unique talents with calmness, acceptance, confidence, and appreciation.

– Jeanne-Elvire ADOTEVI Executive and SMB’s Meta-Coach, Coach Supervisor Facilitator, Hypnotherapist.