Working with Me

Have you wondered what it would be like to have a SoulPurpose 6-Figure Business with ease?  For it to work smoothly with certainty? So that you have the time and the means to enjoy the fruits of your labour? And not to have to work harder and harder, having less and less time for your family and yourself?

Yes you can and I can help you create that in just the way you like it!
What would that look like for you?
Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get there?
Are you hungry enough for that?
Is your desire strong enough to motivate and inspire you continuously?

Are you open to experience this as a journey and not a destination so that you can enjoy the Divine miracle of it unfolding and the miracle of you becoming who you need to be connecting with the Divine Abundance Energy to manifest your vision?

Then you are in the right place!

Depending on your needs you can choose between the following

SoulPurpose 6-Figure Business Program

3-Month Targeted Result Packages

VIP Business Breakthrough Days

SoulPurpose 6-Figure Business Program

Do you want it all? A prosperous business that you love, supporting the lifestyle you desire while sharing your gifts with the world?

The question is, how important is that to you and how committed are you to get it?

Working with me you will:

  • Develop the Mindset – the Way of Being – of Who you need to BE to Manifest Your SoulPurpose 6-Figure Business
  • Create and integrate the Energy Vibration that connects to your Inner Guidance/Intuition
  • Set up a crystal clear Vision and Strategic Action Plan to know exactly what you want, where you are going and how you are getting there.
  • Define and or refine your Niche and Message so that your tribe can see, hear and find you.
  • Package your expertise into Offerings that your clients will want to buy.
  • Design and create Online Products/Programs/Courses that sell.
  • Upgrade your Business Skills of Marketing, Selling, Launching, Delivery, Service, Managing, etc.
  • Design a Business Model that satisfies your Business and Lifestyle Financial needs.
  • Leverage your expertise and Innovate your Offerings to  provide your business with different income streams of Recurring and Passive Income.
  • Design and implement systems and processes to automate your business freeing up your time.
  • Appoint and grow your team when necessary.
  • Uncover and remove every hidden challenge and obstacle that is stopping you or slowing you down from achieving your goals.
  • Achieve every goal you set as part of your vision unless you decide to change or discard it.
  • Have FUN! Love your Business!

I would love to work with you if you:

  • Take Responsibility for your Results
  • Are Open-Minded
  • Have a Sense of Humour
  • Are Honest with you and me

Wow I stand amazed! Using the tools has made such a difference in my life – for the first time I am able to better some of my personality traits as well as other shortcomings. My relationships have improved because of my new way of looking at life and handling situations. Again, have to say I am very grateful that I have met Dina and that I am doing the course. This is exactly what I needed!

– Elize Kruger

How We Work:

The SoulPurpose Business System and Program is designed to arrive at the sweet spot where your SoulPurpose, Prosperous Mindset and Business Acumen meet.
You need the alignment of all three components to create a lucrative business that you love and  that allows you to live the lifestyle you desire. 

The SoulPurpose 6-Figure Business Program has 2 Plans.
You have the choice between Gold (6 Months) and Platinum (12 Months).

  • You get 2 x 30 minute 1-on-1 Sessions with me and 2 x 60 – 90 minute Group Sessions (1st & 3rd Tuesday) per Month.
  • We will work systematically through my SoulPurpose Prosperous Business System showing you at all times where you are in terms of manifesting your Vision.  
  • You get access to my system and all my templates, content & trainings to support you building your business and tracking your progress.
  • Plus you also have access to any of my other Group Programs – Live or Home-Study.
  • You have unlimited access to email support as well as my phone number. My response time is within 48 hours max.
  • You become part of a community of women entrepreneurs who are supportive, collaborative and enjoying the opportunity of learning and growing together.

I don’t work with everybody. It’s important to me that you are fully committed to do whatever it takes to achieve your outcomes.

Download the Application below. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

If accepted, you will receive a link to book a Strategy Session.

Download the Application.

I’m looking forward to receiving it!

Once you commit to the program, we set the ball rolling and schedule your first session.

Whoever you are, an individual, a coach, a leader, or a manager, seeking to shift the paradigms in your current life, I highly recommend Dina Marais as a transformational meta-coach.She will show you how to step out of a place of struggling with yourself to a place where you can really improve the quality of your life with a new mindset and start unleashing your unique talents with calmness, acceptance, confidence, and appreciation.

– Jeanne-Elvire ADOTEVI Executive and SMB’s Meta-Coach, Coach Supervisor Facilitator, Hypnotherapist.

3-Month Targeted Result Packages

What is the One Thing that Your Business Needs Right Now?
You get: 2 x 30-Minute 1-on-1 Sessions  Plus 2 x 60-Minute Group Sessions Per Month

Cultivate Your Prosperous Mindset to have a Robust Relationship with Your Self and Source and Money

  • Discover and Design the You of Who You Really Are as Your Divine Self 
  • Eliminate Limiting Beliefs and Hidden Blocks that Sabotage You 
  • Create a New Way of Being that supports your SoulPurpose Prosperous Business Vision 
  • Rewire your Brain to integrate the Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions, Words and Actions of the New You
  • Get the Tools and Rituals to Run Your Own Brain: Flip Your Fears, Master Your Emotions

Create Irresistible Client Getting Strategies

  • Review Your Niche
  • Activate Your Visibility Confidence
  • Review Your Offerings
  • Design Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Website
  • Design and Create Lead Magnet
  • Create Sales Conversations that Convert
  • Set up Systems and Processes to Onboard and Serve Clients
  • Implement Your Strategy and Welcome Your Clients!

Create Hot Offer Packages of Your Expertise that Your Clients Want to Buy

  • Discover Creative Ways to Apply your Expertise in Solving the Problems of Your Clients
  • Create 3 Hot Offer Packages to choose from aligned with your Niche
  • Evaluate your Hot Offer Packages in terms of satisfying your Financial Needs
  • Get the Template to create the Sales Page on Your Website  
  • Set up the Marketing Strategy for your Offer

Create Your Best Selling Group Program

  • Translate your Big Idea into a Group Program 
  • Ensure that your Group Program is aligned to Your Vision, Niche, Brand
  • Design the Outline of your Pogram, Sell it and then Create it
  • Do the Market Research to ensure your Group Program is a Winner
  • Create your Marketing Strategy to Launch your Program
  • Set up your automated Sales Funnel and Systems
  • Update your Website with the necessary Pages for your Group Program 



How We Work:

We will first do a Free Strategy Session to discuss the Targeted Result You Want and Schedule Your First Session.

Book your Free Strategy Session

Can’t wait to meet you!

VIP Business Breakthrough Days

Each VIP Business Breakthrough Half-Day of 3,5 Hours Plus 30-Minute Follow Up Call are designed to achieve a Specific Tangible Result at $397.
You can choose to schedule the 3,5 hours together or space them out.

The VIP Half-Days are also available as VIP Virtual Workshops at $297 (contact Dina about schedule).

Or choose a VIP QuickWin of 1 Hour Plus a 30-Minute Follow-up Call to Solve a Specific Challenge at $197.

Until the process is automated: Buy Now will take you to PayPal.
Pay the relevant amount to my account and you will get an email with instructions within 6 hours.
Alternatively email me at with your request to set it up.

VIP Business Breakthrough Half-Days


Create your Roadmap to your Business Success

  • Create your 3-Year Vision
  • Set up your Outcomes for the Year
  • Establish your Financial Needs for your Business and Lifestyle
  • Set up your 90-Day Goals and Actions
  • Get the Templates to Track Your Money Goals and 90-Day Outcomes

Design Your Client Getting Strategy

  • Where to Find Your Clients
  • Ways to Connect with Your Clients
  • Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website
  •  Define Your LeadMagnet
  • Systems and Processes to Onboard Your Clients

Determine Your Niche Riches

  • Design your Niche and Avatar
  • Articulate your Message to Target your Ideal Clients
  • Define how you will Serve your Clients
  • Get Market Research Techniques to confirm you have a Winning Niche
  • Get the Templates to Determine your Niche, Avatar and Message

Prosperous Mindset Breakthrough

  • Create your Vision of where you want to be in 12 months
  • Uncover the hidden causes that are stopping you from succeeding
  • Eliminate your self-imposed limitations that sabotage you
  • Design the New You of who you Want to BE to support your Vision
  • Get the Tools and Rituals to Master your Emotions and Step into New Way of Being

Creative Hot-Offer Packages

  • Explore your Expertise on How you Serve your Clients
  • Design your Package
  • Define the Tangible Result
  • Determine your Best Price
  • Design your Offer, Bonuses and Sales Page
  • Get the Templates to use again

Design Your Signature Talk

  • Design the Content of your talk
  • Design the Structure of your talk
  • Design the Offer you wish to make to your audience
  • Get the Template to use again

Plan Your Calendar Year 4,5 hours (1-on-1, Workshop or DIY)

  • Set Your Outcomes for the Next Year
  • Establish your Financial Needs – Business and Lifestyle
  • List All the Events, Launches, Happenings, Holidays, etc.
  • Plan your Calendar to accommodate everything
  • Evaluate your Plan in terms of your Financial Needs
  • Do your 90-Day Plan
  • Bonus: Marketing Idea Bank Generator

VIP QuickWins: Pick the Challenge You Wish to Solve

  • Set up a Crystal Clear Vision for your Business
  • Clear Mindset Saboteurs: Fears, Relationship with Money, Procrastination, Relationship with Self, Lack of Direction, Confusion, etc.
  • Set up the Marketing Calendar for a Launch
  • Determine Systems and Processes Needed for Business Success

Until the process is automated: Buy Now will take you to PayPal. Pay the relevant amount to my account and we’ll take it from there. Alternatively email me at with your request to set it up.