Working with Me

Congratulations on having the desire to invest in yourself, your business and your future, determined to overcome whatever is in the way of your success!

You are indeed a courageous pioneer answering to the call of your soulpurpose and creating your freedom of time, money and meaning.

If you are starting your Prosperous Online Business or wanting to improve your results, expanding from 1-on-1 to groups, or creating your next online product, you are in the right place.

If you are stuck in self-doubt and fear and struggling with procrastination and paralysis, then let’s first work on Getting Your Mind Right so that your business can take off.

You may also seek to solve an urgent problem that requires a
Business Breakthrough Intensive.

Depending on your needs you can choose between the following

Prosperous SoulPurpose Business Program

Business Breakthrough Intensives (below)

Prosperous SoulPurpose Business Program

Do you want it all?
A prosperous business that you love, supporting the lifestyle you desire while sharing your gifts with the world?
Yes, You Can!
I meet you where you are at in your business, whether you are starting out or have a running online business.
My approach is systematic and systemic to make sure that all the pieces in your business are aligned.

The question is, how important is that to you and how committed are you to get it?

Working with me you will systematically develop or refine these components of your business:

  • Develop the Consciousness – the Way of Being – of Who you need to BE – Your Self-Image – to Manifest Your Awesome Vision
  • Set up a Crystal Clear Vision and Strategic Action Plan to know exactly what you want, where you are going and how you are getting there.
  • Define and or refine your SoulPurpose Niche, Brand and Message so that your tribe can see, hear and find you.
  • Create your Lead Magnet and Squeeze Page and Build your List
  • Leverage & Monetise your Expertise into Lucrative Offerings that your clients will want to buy.
  • Create New Programs or Products from Concept to Launch.
  • Upgrade your Business Skills of Marketing, Selling, Launching, Delivery, Service, Managing, etc.
  • Design and implement Systems and Processes and Tech Stuff to Automate your Business freeing up your time.
  • Uncover and remove every hidden challenge and obstacle that is stopping you or slowing you down from achieving your goals.
  • Have FUN! Love your Business!

I would love to work with you if you:

  • Take Responsibility for your Results
  • Are Open-Minded
  • Have a Sense of Humour

Dina is the first coach to give me a full picture of an actual business in ACTION. Now I know not only how to arrange all my big ideas into meaningful communications but into a full and satisfying program. I MEAN WOW. Thank you. This has been incredible!

– Christine Merriman

How We Work:

The Prosperous SoulPurpose Business System and Program is designed to arrive at the sweet spot where your SoulPurpose, Prosperous Mindset and Business Acumen meet.
You need the alignment of all three components to create a lucrative business that you love and  that allows you to live the lifestyle you desire.

  • We will work systematically through the SoulPurpose Prosperous Business Program to achieve your Outcomes.
  • You will at all times know where you are in terms of manifesting your Vision.
  • You get access to all my Templates, Content & Trainings to support you building your business and tracking your progress.
  • You have unlimited access to email support as well as my phone number. My response time is within 48 hours max.

I don’t work with everybody.
It’s important to me that you are fully committed to do whatever it takes to
achieve your outcomes.

Click on the Apply Now button below and Complete the Application.
We will get back to you within 48 hours.

If accepted, you will receive a link to book a Strategy Session.

Complete the Application.

I’m looking forward to receiving it!

Once you are accepted and commit to the program, we set the ball rolling and
schedule your Kick-Off Call.

Whoever you are, an individual, a coach, a leader, or a manager, seeking to shift the paradigms in your current life, I highly recommend Dina Marais as a transformational meta-coach.She will show you how to step out of a place of struggling with yourself to a place where you can really improve the quality of your life with a new mindset and start unleashing your unique talents with calmness, acceptance, confidence, and appreciation.

– Jeanne-Elvire ADOTEVI Executive and SMB’s Meta-Coach, Coach Supervisor Facilitator, Hypnotherapist.

Business Breakthrough Intensives

The aim of the Business Breakthrough Intensives is to achieve a specific outcome and is the next step after a Connection or Discovery Call.

The time-frame of the Intensives is 3-hours with a 30 Minute Follow-Up Call and the Investment is $697.

Clients use the Intensives for the following:

  • Getting Clarity on your Vision
  • Getting Clarity on your Niche, Brand & Message
  • Getting Clarity on your Lead Magnet & Squeeze/Landing Page
  • Resolving Mindset Issues that prevent you for Manifesting their Outcomes
  • Getting Clients Strategy
  • Setting up your Marketing Calendar
  • Create Hot-Offer Packages
  • Leveraging your Expertise to Create new Income Streams
  • Planning your Business Calendar Year of Abundance and Ease (4,5 hour $797)
  • Life Coaching

Wow I stand amazed! Using the tools has made such a difference in my life – for the first time I am able to better some of my personality traits as well as other shortcomings. My relationships have improved because of my new way of looking at life and handling situations. Again, have to say I am very grateful that I have met Dina and that I am doing the course. This is exactly what I needed!

– Elize Kruger