Online Business Bliss Community

You want to:

  • Become a Successful Online Entrepreneur
  • Build an Online Business that you LOVE
  • Make a Huge Impact
  • Make Loads of Money and
  • Enjoy the Freedom of Time, Money and Meaning.

Yet this is in your way:

  • You don’t know where to start or what your next step is
  • You don’t have the funds to sign up for a coaching program
  • You are still employed as you need the money to support you, so you can’t do this full-time yet
  • You don’t have Clarity of exactly what you want to create, who to serve, etc.
  • You experience Self-doubt asking yourself if you have what it takes?
  • You are feeling like a Fraud
  • You are comparing yourself to other Successful Entrepreneurs, doubting if you will ever get there

If any of the above resonates with you, then you are in the right place!

If you have the desire to help others, then you contribute to make the world a better place and like every human being, deserve to be Rich, Happy, Healthy and Successful! 

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The Benefits You can Expect
  • Grow your Confidence as you gain Clarity in what it takes to Build a Prosperous Business you LOVE
  • You know where you are going and how to get there
  • Have access to a Roadmap to Success and a Library of Trainings and Resources to show you the way
  • Have access to a Community of like-minded people
  • Get Connection, Accountability, Support, Collaboration
  • Have access to me (Dina) to have your Questions Answered
  • Have access to Exclusive Expert Webinars
  • Bring the FUN back in Building Your Online Business
  • Experience True Success! Build Your List, Launch Your Program, Make Money! 
  • Avoid the Failures of being Busy and Never Getting Anywhere; Go it Alone and Not Getting Your Questions Answered
The Intention behind the Online Business Bliss Community
I know what it’s like trying to find my way. It is a very lonely place doing this on your own.

That is why I have created the Online Business Bliss Community.

An inexpensive Membership where you all find a proper roadmap of what you need in
place for every stage in building your profitable successful online business.

A place where you can have your questions answered, find accountability, support,
collaboration and fun building the business you love.

A place where no question is a “stupid” question.

The Aim is to Create a Prosperous SoulPurpose Business
and we will therefore focus on all three areas.

Your starting point is a Business Assessment where you determine where you are now and where you want to be.
Then you will get a Roadmap that will guide you on your journey showing you what is needed when and where, giving you the big picture and details of building your business.


The Key Areas we will focus on:

Inner Game

Mindset: Your Relationship with Your Self, Money, Law of Attraction


Niche, SoulPurpose, Avatar

Building Your List

Driving Traffic to your Lead Magnet (Freebie) on your Website

Tech Stuff

Systems, Processes, Infrastructure, Resources

Skill set and Tools

Marketing, Selling, Emails, Writing Copy


Your Vision, Goals, Outcomes


Your Products, Programs, Packages


What Pages you need in place when. Branding.

Organisation & Productivity

Productivity, Planning Tips, Measure Results, etc.

Ready to Launch

Promoting and Launching your Product/Program
What you are getting:
  • 2 x Live Trainings per month (1st & 3rd Thursday)
  • Q&A
  • Recordings
  • Library of Trainings
  • Resources to enhance your progress
  • Expert Interviews/Webinars
  • Facebook Community


  • Get the OBBC free when you join the Launch Execution Lab
  • Get 25% discount when you join a Group Program
  • For 5-Week months, get an extra week (except my birthday)


  • If after one month you are not happy, you can terminate your membership
  • After one month, give one month’s notice should you choose to leave
This is the Training Schedule for 2019
Jan 31 Orientation, Business Assessment, Goals for OBBC
Feb 7 Online Business Roadmap
Feb 21 Prosperous Business Mindset
Mar 7 Productivity – 80/20 Principle and Tips
Mar 21 Relationship between Purpose, Values, Talents, Niche
Apr 4 Niche, SoulPurpose, Avatar
Apr 18 Mindset Focus Law of Attraction Energy Results
May 2 Big Idea, Brand
May 16 Vision Life & Business
May 30 Checking in on Your Results – Q&A
Jun 6 Setting Proper Goals
Jun 20 The Power of Imagination and Will
Jul 4 Offerings – Draw a Picture of Your Business
Jul 18 Online Business Model – Update your Picture
Aug 1 Mindset All or Nothing, Perfectionism
Aug 15 Website Requirements to Attract & Accept Visitors + Tech
Aug 22 Lead Magnet
Sep 5 Lead Magnet Party
Sep 19 Checking in on Your Results – Q&A
Oct 3 Mindset Visibility
Oct 17 Build Relationship with Your List
Nov 7 Build your List – Driving Traffic
Nov 21 Build your List – Driving Traffic continued + Facebook Ads
Dec 5 Building your Funnel + Tech
Dec 12 Celebrate the Year Party – Check OBBC Outcomes


I am blessed I came across Dina’s work online, she is beyond the motivators out there and the cuts through the noise, she is supporting entrepreneurs in a feminine way with theory and confidence, which I love. Thank you Dina! Jane Morba

Dina has been an inspiration and a wayshower for me. She supports with the right mindset, smart goal setting tools and community to allow me to see and take the next best step on my personal and business journey.

Money spent on her programs is money well spent, time spent implementing her coaching recommendations are priceless, I trust her to have my highest best at heart and hold space for me to make it happen. Namasplay! Dina Marais Keep Shining… Janet Charette

If you haven’t ever spoken with Dina Marais, taken one of her Group Programs and/or experienced her One on One Coaching, you are in for a rare treat. Dina is all in. She gives her all whether she’s helping someone during a group Program or she’s working with you One on One.

One of the unique gifts that Dina shares is her ability to intuitively understand what you are having difficulty with. Dina will ask you specific questions to help you clarify your goals and business plan. Then, she easily explains the process necessary to get from where you are to where you want to be.

I have taken two of her group programs and I highly recommend you speak with her directly if you have any questions about her group programs or working with her One on One..You’ll see how approachable she is and that she is truly there wanting to help you! Thank you Dina from my heart for you and your teachings!

Joanne Sapers

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