Love Unboxed by Placida Achera

20 women share real, raw, uncensored stories of struggle and recovery that will heal, transform and inspire you to be the real you

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“What an amazing journey and what is so wonderful to understand is that she never gave up on her self development or her passions. The gift she received was the loving relationship she discovered once she had peeled back the layers that had kept her in the confines of her limiting beliefs.”

-Fiona Clark, Midlife Mentor and Life Coach. London. UK

“I knew it as soon as I read the first line, when one of its stories caught me with her direct, sensual and deep prose. The literary experience immersed me in a period, in an age and in an inimitable personal experience. I remembered those timid desires of adolescence; Eternal Platonic loves that never end because they survive the memory.”

– Victoria Calvo, Author of Independence ties. A novel about an indomitable woman who fought in the War of Independence. Spain

About the co-author

Dina Marais works is a Relationship Transformation Coach focusing on women who have challenges in their relationships to unleash their personal power and enjoy love life magic.

Whether it is about finding your soul mate, saving your marriage or ending a relationship you have to start with your relationship with your Self and develop your personal power so that you can show up with unshakable inner confidence.

Over more than 14 years of study and practice in NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Semantics, PNI – PsychoNeuroImmunology and Quantum Physics, she has consistently found one simple and powerful truth. She believes that our most important relationship is that with Self because that determines how we experience every facet of our life especially our love life.

On sale now! Get your copy today…