Ignite your Heart-Conscious Business Success


One of the biggest challenges Heart-Conscious Spiritual Entrepreneurs have is to run and grow a business. It’s all from the heart and no business-mind.

Yes it is one thing to become a coach, healer, etc., and it is quite another thing to grow a business and make an abundant living doing what you love.

Do you want to have a successful business?
Then you are in the right place!

This Group Program will be launching soon and I suggest that you get on the waiting list so that you are first to know when that happens.

Equip Yourself for Business Success!

Learn the fundamentals of running a successful business that will enable you to implement simple yet effective systems and processes and make it easy to make your business profitable and fun!

Here are some of the fundamentals you need to run and grow a successful business:

Narrow and Deep Niche
Crystal Clear Vision
Grounded Actionable Implementation Plan
Mindset for Success
Sound Business and Financial Model
Business Skills: Marketing, Selling, Innovation, etc
Systems and Processes

This may look like a lot and even overwhelming, but when you have simple yet effective strategies to implement as I will share with you, it becomes fun!

Hi, I’m Dina Marais and have been involved in coaching for more than 14 years.

My ideal clients that I love to work with are coaches and other spiritual entrepreneurs.

Why? Because it lies close to my heart to help heart-conscious entrepreneurs like you to enjoy an abundant living doing what you love, sharing your gifts with the world.

Your success is my success!