Get your mind right for your business

Master Your Inner Game Coaching Program

The business results you have are yours. The only way to change them is for you to change your mind.

Three Truths of the Universe

You CAN: Create what you want + develop the mindset to manifest it in the physical world.

You create your life

Every and all creation happens in the Mind first

What you manifest now is a result of your Mindset now

Self-doubt and fear will kill your dreams and clear out your bank account, because self-doubt leads to overwhelm, procrastination, paralysis, excuses.  Your old paradigm (ego) is running your show and will keep running it and keeping you stuck where you are…unless You Decide to Take Charge of Your Mind…
I help you do that!

Do the work, reap the rewards

Mindset shifts happen immediately and then need to be repeatedly actualized or acted upon to integrate by creating new neural paths in the brain.

While you work with me, you will simultaneously experience the effect of the changes you make showing up in your business and life!

But What are the Benefits?

What can you expect to change for you?

  • Opportunities come to you out of nowhere
  • Money starts flowing to your business from unexpected sources
  • Clients come out of the woodwork as it were
  • You seeing your business as you never did before
  • Your creativity to leverage your expertise expands
  • You getting more and more confident in your business
  • Your relationships improve as you spend more time with your loved ones
  • Your health improve as stress levels subside
  • And more!

How does the program work?

The below framework is 100% flexible as certain areas may come easily and others take longer to cement. We will work together to ensure you are ready for your next big leap.

Stage 1 – Clarity is the Catalyst to Change

Get crystal clear on where you are now, where you want to be in your business and the gap in between.  Identify the problem areas and what cause them. Determine what needs to change in your inner game to create what you want.

You will get realization upon realization upon realization!

Stage 2 – Design and Build the Who you Need to BE

Here you will sharpen your self-awareness on where the old self shows up.

You will design your new Personality and Way-of-Being to create the Energy Alignment with Your Inner Being to Manifest Your Vision as your New Personal Reality.

You will get the tools and rituals to teach your Body Mind the Experience your New Desired Reality.

Stage 3 – Release the Past and Empower your Future

Here you unpack, diffuse and flip your fears so they have no hold over you.  You will also release traumatic experiences and practice forgiveness to yourself and others.

You release limiting beliefs and transform them to empower you to being unstoppable.

You change and expand thinking patterns that prevent your personal growth and self-awareness.

Stage 4 – Apply the New You to your Business

Now we are going to address all the problem areas that we identified in month 1 and test the results against your outcomes

Plus we identify any new areas or situations that may have surfaced.

You are fully equipped to control your mind and energy to handle any situation to your advantage.

Stage 5 – Fine Tune Stepping Up

Stepping up to the bigger game and accelerate your progress to achieve your Vision.

You continue to pursue the results you wish to create against your inner game.

You are enjoying observing how you create your energy field to attract the people and opportunities into your life to manifest your desires.

Stage 6 – Celebrate and Next Steps

You have come a long way have totally become a new person with a whole new personality and way-of-being.

You have completely become a new person.

Here you look back and review where you started and how you transformed yourself and your business and life as a whole.

We look at your next steps and create an action plan for your way forward.

It’s time to celebrate!

Master your Inner Game so that your mind is right and ready for the business of your dreams.

Is this for you?

If you have an online business and you:

  • are not making the money you want
  • are not getting enough clients
  • are not getting enough sales
  • are not getting marketing results
  • are not building your list

OR if you:

  • are thinking of leaving your job to start your online business and are unsure of how to make the transition
  • are doing your business part time while in a full-time job and are afraid to make the leap

If you answered Yes to a few of these, then this is definitely your cup of tea.