Client Magnetising Magic!

The outcome of this 4-module home-study program is for you to Create a Strategy to Getting Clients that you can easily implement to get visible and connect with your ideal clients, build relationships and trust so that they can buy from you.


Getting clients have one main requirement to be successful and that is to be visible.


With so many coaches, healers, entrepreneurs out there, it is imperative that you are visible and that you become visible by your output as you will see as we go through the modules.


Getting clients is all about building relationships. Even or even more so growing your business online. People buy from you when they know, like and trust you. And that job is yours.


Throughout the program you will get a-ha moments as you learn about secrets that will accelerate building your client network.


This program is for you if you are a service based entrepreneur who would learn best practices to get and sign up clients to work with you.

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Finding Your Clients

In this module we explore all the places where you can find your clients, online and offline.

There are the obvious places like Facebook, and there are many other gems of places to find where your ideal clients hang out, looking for solutions to their problems.

Engaging with Your Clients

Module 2 is all about how you build a relationship with your potential and real clients, online and offline.

Here you will find 6 ways to engage with your potential clients. Plus you get a bonus marketing idea generator.

Driving Traffic & Lead Magnet

In module 3 we explore the many different ways to drive traffic to your website that you can select the most appropriate to focus on.

The star of the show is your lead magnet and here you learn what it takes to create a compelling lead magnet that your clients will sign up for.

Systems & Processes Pulling Everything Together

Here we look at the systems and processes you need to easily accommodate clients flocking to your website and lead them to buy from you.

Finally you fine tune your strategy and measure its effectiveness.

WOW! Client’s Magnetizing Magic has given me far more than simple steps. She gives a great printout book to follow, complete with lists to check off and to follow when alone. She’s the first one to give me a full picture of an actual business in ACTION.

Now I know not only how to arrange all my big ideas into meaningful communications but into a full and satisfying program, from this one single inexpensive course. I MEAN WOW. Thank you. This has been incredible. Just you wait and see, Dina I will be back! Christine Merriman

What you are getting:
  • 4 Modules (4 hours) of Audio Training
  • Transcript
  • Workbook


  • Dina’s ebook “Create Your Prosperous Soul Purpose Business while enjoying every minute!”
  • 30 Minute Follow-Up Session with Dina

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Client Magnetising Magic covers the best practices of getting and signing up clients to work with you.
Here you learn how to find your ideal clients, engage with them, drive them to your website and compel them to sign up, and the systems and processes to lead them to buy from you.