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Create Your Unique Client Attraction Genius Mindset!

Getting clients is at the core of your business and without enough clients, your business suffers, your finances suffer and you suffer.  Making a success of your business requires your mindset energy to attract clients and with the Client Attraction Zone course, you will lean how to do that.


Learn to Step into Your Power and Unleash Your Genius by Creating Your Unique Client Attraction Zone that has your Ideal Clients flocking to you!

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Become a Client Magnet!

This is for You if...

You lack self-confidence in approaching potential clients.

You experience self-doubt.

You think you are not good enough and feel like a fraud.

You procrastinate putting yourself out there.

With the Client Attraction Zone course you will...

Let go of the story that holds you back from authentically approaching and engaging with the clients that are meant to and are waiting to work with you.

Make 5 important mindset shifts that shift your energy from repelling clients to attracting them.

Embody the confidence that radiates in your conversations with clients that compel them to work with you.

Boost your visibility confidently and authentically, allowing you to look forward finding your ideal clients.

The 5  Mindset Shifts That Will Boost Your Visibility

Module 1 - Self-Awareness & Responsibility

In this module 1 you will gain self-awareness as you unpack your story of what you tell yourself when you think about approaching clients. Here you will take ownership of your mind, emotions, words and actions that will empower you to respond resourcefully to your triggers of fear and doubt. You get a meditation to practice and integrate the victor in you.

Module 2 - Unconditional Self-Worth

In module 2 we focus on your self-worth – the value of you. Here you will separate your self-worth from your self-confidence so that you no longer measure your value in terms of what you do and have and develop unconditional self-worth. You get a meditation to practice and integrate unconditional self-worth.

Module 3 - Sabotaging Thinking Patterns

Self-sabotaging because of erroneous thinking patterns based on fear is the culprit of many problems in your business and in this module you will explore that. You get practical tools to transform any fear into fuel to inspire you and allow you to follow through and get amazing results. You get an amazing audio to instantly master any un-resourceful emotion, plus the formula to flip your fear.

Module 4 - Self-Love & Self-Care

This module is about you tuning in to self-love and very importantly self-care. When you nurture yourself you ground yourself and that prevents you feeling scattered and torn into ten different directions. It gives you time to come up for air and it is the best antidote to resentment. We feel resentment because we expect from others what we don’t give to ourselves. Here you will get a self-care manifesto that you can use to hold yourself accountable to practicing self-care.

Module 5 - Pulling it All Together

In this last module of this course, you will create the structure of your New Story of getting in front of your clients. You will unpack your new beliefs, mind-body states and embody this experience as well as setting up rituals to connect with new clients every day from now on. You also acknowledge and celebrate yourself for the progress you have made. Congratulations!
What You Are Getting…
  • 5 Mindset Shifts and Practices that allow you to create your Unique Client Attraction Zone
  • 5 Audio Classes with Transcripts
  • Workbook


  • 3 Complimentary Audios to integrate your way of being of stepping into your Client Attraction Zone
  • Beautifully put together Self-Care Manifesto


This challenge was a game changer for me. Through her exercises, I was able to gain a clear vision of the person I want to be and where I wasn’t stepping into the role of that person. Yael Ellsworth

I really enjoyed the challenge! I love how Dina gently guided me towards my best self and achieving the best results in business. It was magical, as promised.

Tara Mantra

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