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Why I do what I do

Hi, I am Dina Marais and for the more than 14 years that I have been involved in coaching and working in different niches, I have found that sharing our gifts is one thing, building a prosperous business is quite another.

I have found that sharing our gifts is one thing, building a prosperous business is quite another.

At the core of this is your mindset that determines your success according to your self-image. So, the core of your mindset is your relationship with your Self – your thoughts and beliefs about you and your self-talk.  I’m sure you know and agree that your relationship with your Self is the catylyst to not just your business success, but also success in love, health and wealth.

Add to this a sound business model, business skills and systems that fulfills your vision, you can see that your mindset is key to the easy flow these fundamentals would bring to grow your business.

All these fundamentals work together playing its part toward a successful business. The absence of one of more of them leads to a cycle of anxiety, overwhelm and other surviving emotions that paralyze you from taking inspiring action and making sound decisions as a result of  operating from lack, self-doubt and feeling disconnected from the Divine.

This has been my story – once I restored my relationship with my Self to that of unconditional self-worth and self-love, I started believing in myself and that allowed me to accelerate the growth of my business.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs like you to create an abudantly prosperous business by developing, refining and aligning these fundamentals starting with your relationship with your Self (if necessary) to allow you to run your business with unshakeable inner confidence in tune with your inner guidance.

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