It’s a fact that most people face an uncertain financial future or in their mind a financial future of despair and no hope.  This is confirmed by statistics everywhere.

It’s also a fact that most people including myself, did not learn how to manage money effectively, compliments of the worldwide education system. On the contrary, we all are subjected to the conditioning of consumerism.

As baby boomers, we were taught to get a job and work our way up and save for retirement. Nobody could foresee that when retirement came, the money saved would not be able to cover living expenses. Or that medical-expenses would basically become unaffordable.

Then there is the group of people who don’t even have a nest egg of any kind, who are living month to month and getting into debt because of rising living expenses. This becomes a cycle leading to stress, fear of not having money and this again impacts on their health resulting in more expenses.  A dark picture indeed.

But there is a way out. There is something that we all have, to take us from surviving to thriving. To take us from further contracting our already cash-strapped lives to expanding into prosperity and abundance of money and high quality of life.

We all have talents, skills, knowledge, expertise, experience, and wisdom that we can leverage, package and sell.  That is what building an online business allows us to do.

Why online business?

For a start, there are five billion people online who are looking for answers to their problems and are willing to pay to have them solved.

Furthermore, there are millions of people looking to learn a skill or gain more knowledge on their topic of interest. This on its own is a billion-dollar industry.

When you can add value to someone, when you can bring about a positive change to someone’s life, you can start an online business.  The possibilities are infinite.

Even if you believe you do not have anything of value to share, you can still sell other experts’ online products.

Building an online business provides the opportunity and means to leverage and scale your business so that your offering can reach unlimited people globally. By leveraging your expertise you expand your offerings as well as your income streams.

If you are a coach, expert, author or consultant, working with one client at a time, in other words trading your time for money, your income is capped by the number of hours you have.

However, by developing an online product, course or program, you immediately move from local to global and from one to many.

Starting an online business requires very little investment. The biggest investment would be in yourself, educating you on how to build a prosperous online business and to set up the necessary systems.

Plus it is one of the few businesses that can give the highest return on investment in the shortest time.  Given of course, that you follow a proven process.

Within the online business world, as with any given industry, there are winning niche markets. Needless to say, if you are considering starting an online business, make sure what you sell is represented in at least one of the winning markets.

Let’s take a look at them.

The five biggest niche markets are:

Anything to do with helping people making or saving money falls into this category. It can be anything from financial planning, to business development, marketing and selling skills, etc.

This includes romantic relationships, parenting, family, friends, professional and also the relationship with self. Whether it is about finding a soul mate, getting over a divorce, coping as a single parent, coping with rebellious teens, etc., there is a niche for every problem.

Health covers a broad spectrum – weight loss, weight gain, nutrition, food, recipes, cooking, lifestyle, exercise, stress, dis-ease, supplements, etc. Getting people results to become healthier and living a healthy lifestyle is sought after.

Hobbies and Interests
This is a huge niche market covering any hobby or interest you can think of. From how to play guitar, baking specialized cakes, knitting, training dogs and everything in between. Sports also fall into this category, teaching tennis, swimming, playing snooker, etc.

Personal Development
There is an ever growing need for self-help in all life areas, as well as skills like communication, mindfulness, success, coping with life and change. Teaching people to help themselves improve the quality of their lives fills a huge gap in the online market.


There are no more excuses left for living a cash-strapped life facing a bleak financial future because there is a way out. Building an online business is an opportunity that is available to anyone who is prepared to risk stepping out of their comfort zone.

Of course, mindset plays a huge role here. Being in financial trouble no matter what the scale, means that your prosperity consciousness is restricting the flow of prosperity to that extent.

So, it is not just to build an online business, it is to build a prosperous online business and that means to also develop a prosperity mindset. Cultivating a prosperity mindset while building an online business doing what you love can only result in manifesting the freedom of money, time and meaning.

What is more rewarding than that in life?

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