How to escape Scarce-City is a quest for most people as they try to crack the code of abundance. Money is certainly the most controversial term or word in life. It creates bliss for some and despair for others. Money divides the haves and the have-nots or the have-not-enoughs.

Yet it is mostly misunderstood, especially if you fall into the group of the have-nots. The haves knows that Money is Energy and the have-nots think that money is the paper it is printed on or the number in your bank account.

So how do you know that you are living in Scarce-City?

  • You have money problems.
  • You don’t have enough money to pay your bills
  • You stress over not having money.
  • You cannot expand your business because you never have the money to do it.
  • You don’t get enough clients.
  • Basically, you are in survival mode.

Scarcity is caused by a Scarcity Mindset because it is from our thoughts and emotions that we create our reality.

The truth is that nothing out there is doing this to you. You are doing it to yourself. However, have compassion for yourself because it is an old paradigm that you inherited from childhood that is still operating.

The biggest catalyst of the Scarcity Mindset is a Self Image of being Not Worthy, Not Good Enough,  Inadequate.

This, combined with the fact that we’ve been conditioned to feel separate from Source or God or the Universe, makes us feel that we are all alone.  We feel that there is something wrong with us and it makes us feel ashamed, guilty, angry, frustrated, depressed, fearful, anxious, stressed out, etc. Inevitably we become victims.

When we subconsciously believe that we are not good enough, we think that the solution is out there…if only we work harder…get more done, putting out more blogs, videos, social media posts…

And yet, the solution is right where you are. It’s inside you and when you seek the answer that’s inside you, it brings you to the solution.

You see what’s inside you is Infinite and Inexhaustible. All the wealth, health, success and happiness that you seek are already inside you. What you need to do is connect with it energetically.

What does it take to escape Scarce-City?

Take Responsibility
Accept where you are now. Take Response-Ability for your Thoughts, Feelings, Words, and Actions. You created your life and you can create something else. Nobody can make you think, feel, say or do anything. It all comes from your mindset, so there are nobody and nothing to blame for your circumstances but you.

We all have received the Power Tools of Thoughts and Feelings from the Creator at birth to create our life of abundance. That is our birthright and destiny. But we have been conditioned by society to create the opposite. We have been conditioned to create scarcity.

So, by taking responsibility, you take control of your mind. You become your own observer by becoming aware of what you think and how you feel. Choose the thoughts and emotions that make you feel good because that raises your energy vibration and brings you in alignment with Source Energy. The Law of Attraction brings you the experiences that match your energy vibration. When you feel good, you attract experiences that make you feel good. Now you are setting in motion a cycle of thinking, feeling and behaving in a positive way with positive results and this allows you affirm your positive mental attitude. Does it make sense?

Next is to practice forgiveness daily. Forgive yourself for your past and for all your mistakes. Forgive everybody and everything that directly or indirectly caused you harm. It is the most freeing and liberating emotion that opens your heart and fills you with unconditional love. Add to this compassion and non-judgement towards yourself and others and you pave a path of no resistance to allowing abundance into your life.

Stay in the Present Moment.
We continue to perpetuate scarcity and fear when we are not in the present moment. The beauty of the present moment is that in every present moment everything is good, if not perfect. It’s when you allow your mind to wander to the past, that we think of disempowering memories. Worse, we project these outdated results to the future and they become a self-fulling prophecy.

Remember, every present moment is a new beginning.

Change your Identity.
What it comes down to is to upgrade your self-image.

Think of the Scarcity You and the mind-body states you experience like lack, fear, frustration, etc. And the thoughts you have as the Scarcity-You like I am not good enough, I’m not worthy, I don’t have money, I can’t afford anything.

Now think of the Abundant You and the mind-body states or emotions the Abundant You experience like joy, abundance, gratitude, excitement. The thoughts and beliefs you need to feel these emotions are: I am good enough, I am awesome, I am worthy.

Do you get the idea?

Embody this New Way-of-Being.
Step into these emotions frequently. Embody them until they become dominant. Think these thoughts and feel these emotions. Look at what you can appreciate and feel good. Find the activities, things, people, and places that raise your energy vibration.

Believe in Yourself and the Universe.
It is crucial to believe in yourself.  Remember what Andrew Carnegie said,  “What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” Faith is essential to become the New Abundant You and to believe in what you desire.

You must have a clear image of what you desire and think about it all the time. Everything is Energy and nothing is exempt from the Order of the Universe. So know the rules of the Universal Laws so that you can utilize them to your advantage. It’s important to be grateful and get excited about your small wins.  Celebrate them and acknowledge yourself for your belief in yourself and the Universe.

Also, train yourself to feel neutral about what is not working. Nothing has any meaning, except the meaning we give it. Another way to put it is that nothing is bad unless we make it so. Furthermore, there is nothing like an unprofitable experience according to Napoleon Hill. Accept that what seems like a disaster at any given moment is most probably a blessing in disguise.

Remember, what you think about and energize, you manifest.

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