We all want things for how it will make us feel. And we like that feeling so much that we want to feel that way all the time. So we want more things to feel that way. However what if you can feel that way with having to get things?

What if the secret in getting what you desire is to feel the way as you would having them first?

If you look closely at the way it is you want to feel all the time, it is a high-quality-of-life feeling, a feeling of wellbeing. These are elevated emotions of joy, gratitude, abundance, prosperity, etc., that is our natural way of being. They represent our true nature and our true way-of-being.

Yet, most of us are so used to feeling despair, fear, depression, frustration, anger. – the opposite of our true way-of-being.

What then is preventing you from experiencing these beautiful elevated emotions?

Your current paradigms are in your way. These are the 650000 thoughts that you think every day of which 95% are subconscious. In other words, you are not even aware of them. You can only see the effect of them in the results you have manifested around you.

So the quest is then to make sure that the subconscious thoughts reflect results of what you desire. Right?

How do you do that? You start by first cleaning up your paradigms.

You are NOT your Thoughts.
This is a profound idea. Just think about it. You have 650000 thoughts a day that is so linked to who you are, yet you ARE NOT your thoughts. You HAVE thoughts. You also ARE NOT your emotions. You HAVE emotions.

What does that mean? Let me explain. We live in a thought universe. Thoughts are energy that vibrates at a frequency – different frequencies for different thoughts.  You are energy and you vibrate at a frequency.

Your thoughts are manifestations of your vibration. So you first get a feeling and then you get a thought that manifests as the vibration, that manifests another thought and then it picks up momentum – your emotions get stronger and more thoughts come taking your vibration either up into euphoria or down into despair.

Because we live in a thought universe, we are surrounded by thoughts or the energy of these thoughts. Therefore, all the thoughts you manifest do not come directly from you. Your brain is a switching station that receives and transmits the vibration of thoughts.

When you become aware of your vibration through how you feel, then you also become aware of and choose what you allow to influence your vibration and sets your point of attraction. The Law of Attraction purely works on vibration to bring you experiences that match your vibration.

So when you realize that you are not your thoughts and emotions, you have them, then you can see them as not defining you as you do not identify with them or link your identity to them.

Your Thoughts and Emotions are Power Tools
Here’s the wonderful thing then. If you are not your thoughts and you have thoughts, then that means you can use thoughts to your advantage.

Your thoughts and emotions are the power tools given to you by Source or God or Universe at birth to create your life. How you have been using them so far is what you have created so far.

What if you can start using your thoughts to create what you want? That means to be so clear on what you desire that you become totally focused on that.

Now, remember we said that we want things because of how it makes us feel.

If what you desire makes you feel abundant with joy and love and success and prosperity and wellbeing, then notice what you already have in your life and focus on them with gratitude to experience these states. Here’s where images on Pinterest come in handy to give you a reference of what you desire.

What you can hold in your head, you can hold in your hand.

So it is to choose thoughts and images that make you feel joy, to seek things that make you feel grateful and abundant. To notice prosperity around you and bless it when you see the prosperity that others have, knowing that that is available to you too.

This then further translates into speaking as if the reality you want already exists (and it actually does, just not on the physical plane yet) and taking action and engaging in activities that facilitate the experience of these elevated emotions.

In other words, find and go for your bliss!

In the end, we talk about using the power tools to get into vibrational alignment with who we really are with what we truly want to be, do and have.

Here then comes the literal meaning of this – you first have BE that which you want to do and have – your Way-of-Being unlocks the door to all you desire.

What is fascinating is that this BE-ing – this Way-of-Being – is the Kingdom of God that is talked about in the Bible – that is to be aligned with Source Energy and the rest will flow to you. That is the Law of the Universe.

It can be no other way.

Often we want to change our lives by starting with changing the results. But that was not the origin of the result. The origin was the thought – the idea – so to effectively change the results is to first change the thoughts that produced the results.

That is why it is so important to first get into the energy of what you desire before you take action towards manifesting it because the outcomes of your actions are the consequences of the energy from which you take the action from.

For example, think back to a time when you took action or responded from feeling angry, frustrated, fearful, sad, – in other words feeling un-resourceful. What were the consequences of that?

Now think back to a time when you took action or responded from feeling gratitude, joy, excited, enthusiastic, abundant, generous, prosperous, love – what were the consequences of you taking action from a resourceful state?

Quite different, actually remarkably different I am sure you’d say. Why? Because you were inspired to respond differently.

So your thoughts and emotions are your power tools. You can use them to create the life you dream of or continue to re-create where you are now over and over. And if you are in a place where your dream reality is unfolding, then congratulations and keep up the good work.

But if it is not, then do the following:

  • Make a decision that you intend to create what you desire, no matter what and how long it takes.
  • Declare that your thoughts and emotions are NOT You.
  • Be clear on what you desire – write it down in as much detail as possible and create a vision board or collect images on Pinterest to support your vision.
  • Practice feeling elevated states – practice visualizing and verbalizing and emotionalizing what you want.
  • Know that you have the power and the tools to do this.

This is a never-ending journey of fresh starts every moment. You can never get it wrong and it never ends. Your ultimate quest is to become your Ideal True Self in alignment with Source from where everything else flows.

That is the quest that I have signed up for. How about you?

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