I believe that one of the biggest stumbling blocks, or perhaps the biggest block resisting a continuous flow of prosperity is not having a clear idea of what we desire.

However, most people I work with are under the impression that they do have a clear vision of what they desire. Time and time again when we examine the clarity of their vision, they come to the startling realization and relief that it is not clear at all. The sense of relief happens because they have an understanding of why they haven’t been able to attract prosperity into their life and business.

When you are not clear about what you desire, your vision is articulated in vague statements. For example: “I want to be wealthy.  I desire my life to be more prosperous. I want more money.”

The thing is that the Law of Attraction works with the images you hold in mind. When you are clear on what you desire, you are able to make an image of it. This then begs you to answer the question, “What does your vision look like when it is manifested in your life?”

So, how much money would it take for you to be wealthy, or to be more prosperous? How much money is more money?

You first need to create it on the inside before it can show up on the outside. We live in a thought universe, meaning that everything ever created was first conceived by thought.

By not specifying exactly what it is that you desire, the vagueness of it, i.e. not having a clear image for what you are working on to manifest, you actually create a confused state in yourself. It is this confused state that causes you to focus on the absence of what you (vaguely) desire and attractthatto you.

This confused state is also a symptom when you change your mind about what it is that you desire. When you decide in week 1 that you would love to have a dream house overlooking the ocean and two weeks later you decide that you now would prefer to have a game farm, and again two weeks later it is something else, you will get nowhere.

So it is absolutely crucial to get clear and set clear outcomes as this creates the magic of prosperity flowing.  A way to ensure that what you desire is what you really want, is to examine your intentions behind it. When the why of your desire is aligned the higher vision of your life and version or image of yourself, then you will remain motivated and inspired to stay the course.

Be certain that what you want is what you really desire and not what you think you should have or could have or what someone else wants for you.

The recipe for success is to commit to something, manifest it and then move on to create your next outcome.

What does it give you to have clarity of what you desire?

It immediately moves you from being scattered to becoming totally focused. When you have a clear image in your mind, it draws your thoughts to focus on that and in turn causes you to notice opportunities to manifest your outcome.

Clarity gives you confidence in knowing what you desire to have in your life and why you want it. By focusing on the what and why of that you wish to manifest, accelerates the appearance of it in your life. This further increases your confidence and your flow of prosperity.

This also integrates your beliefs about the value of you as you are naturally vibrating at the frequency of the prosperity you desire to attract. Equally important, your beliefs that you are capable of creating the world you desire are confirmed.

Your focus, confidence and beliefs feed and fuel your passion to even greater and more daring visions. Clarity brings about these forces in your life and as you dance from one to the other, together they allow you to step into a bigger role, life and reality.

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