The more I study the science of success and prosperity and seeing the difference it has made and is still making in my life and business, the more I realize what a tragedy life is for most people as they sentence themselves to life-imprisonment for committing these crimes against themselves.

All these crimes are related as either effects or causes of each other.

Fortunately, when stopping these crimes, we free ourselves to live a life of joy, success, prosperity, health and bliss. Take an honest look at your life and see which of these crimes still hold you captive.

Living in the Past
If you have the same 65000 thoughts every day, then you are literally living in the past. This is the case if you don’t even remember having most of these thoughts, because of the extent that you are running on autopilot.

Actually, your body is just going through the motions of your daily routine of doing the same things, seeing the same people. Nothing changes.

It’s like you are playing the same film reel every day. You have written the script and are playing the same scenes over and over again, just like an actor in your movie.

The same scenarios of lack, fear, unhappiness, depression, boredom, etc. present themselves and the same expectations are projected into the future, creating self-fulfilling prophecies of this same cycle. The subconscious mind wants to keep things familiar and creates the circumstances that create the same situations.

This changes immediately when you decide to take charge of your life, snap out of autopilot, become conscious and deliberately write a new script for your new lead role of a new life you desire.

Victim Mode
Living in victim mode often stems from childhood where parents are over-protective and take responsibility for the child in totality. That means the parent oversteps the boundary of responsibility by rescuing the child from all opportunities of learning from their mistakes.

Taking control to such an extent has detrimental consequences for both parent and child as it creates a co-dependency relationship. The child becomes demanding and grow up with the attitude that they are above any consequences as their parents will rescue the day.

When things go wrong, you blame it other things or people and refuse to take responsibility for your life. Actually it means that you don’t take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words and actions that create your life.

The result is that you react to life situations, feeling out of control and that life is happening to you as if you don’t have a choice. When you take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words and actions, you are in charge of how you choose to respond. This then also moves you from being at the effect of life happening to you, to being at cause and creating the responses that will yield the results you desire.

You have the choice to be the victim or victor of your life.

Not having Gratitude
When you don’t have gratitude for what is, you are missing the most important quality and antidote to fear, lack and scarcity. Or your gratitude is selective or conditional to only feel grateful for when you see the big things arrive or achieved in your life or business.

Conditional gratitude goes hand in hand with not acknowledging yourself and not counting the little successes that together create the big things. The thing is that appreciation of the little successes accelerates their flow toward the big achievements.

Giving thanks for the successes not visible in your life yet, draw them to you. This is the difference between faith and fear. Believing that what you desire is on its way to you and by appreciating the unseen, you are creating the path of least resistance to allow it in.

Lack and Scarcity Consciousness
When you continuously focus on your circumstances and the appearances confirming what you don’t want, you are creating resistance for what you do want to show up.

You can’t wish for the presence of money and then focus on the absence of it.

Every time you focus your thoughts on the outcomes and presence of what you wish to create the Universe goes into action to bring what you desire to you. And every time you then focus on the absence of it, the Universe goes into action to bring you that which you don’t desire.

Your brain is a switching station and assigns the energy vibration frequency that every thought is associated with to it and that energy is released into the thought universe we live in. The Law of Attraction then picks up the vibration and brings you experiences that match your thought energy vibration.

Only when you take control of your mind and focus your thoughts on what you desire and eliminate the thoughts of lack and fear, will you consistently attract into your life that which you desire.

As Einstein said, “This is not philosophy, this is physics.”

Settling for Less
Another crime that we commit against ourselves is to settle for what we think we could have instead of what we really desire.

This is when you bury your dreams or shrink your vision, because you have been conditioned to believe that what you desire is too big for you to accomplish.

Excuses to rationalize the reasons of why we settle for less, range from being too old or too young or too anything. What they all come down to is that you believe you are not worthy and not good enough.

Accept now that these limitations are only in your own mind and they have no truth. Whatever you desire is Divinely inspired and you have everything inside you to make it happen. Furthermore, everything you need to create your dream is available and accessible to you.

Not Living Your Soul Purpose
Maslow said, the musician must make music and the writer must write. You are in this life for a reason and that is to express yourself through your talents, skills and passions in service of others.

When you live your Soul Purpose and your life is on purpose, it is full of meaning and you satisfy your human needs of contribution and expression. Think about it, when you make a difference for someone else using your special talents, both you and that person feel deeply connected to each other and to Source or God.

As a bonus, this self-gratification boosts your immune system and thereby your health. We are wired that way!

Living Someone Else’s Life
The opposite of living your Soul Purpose is when you live someone else’s life. This also has the long-term effect of disease on your health.

When you have to accept a business that has been created by your parents and now you have the obligation to take it further is an example.

This is fantastic if whatever the purpose of the business is, is also yours and that you can express your talents, skills and passions taking it to a next level.  If however this is not the case, you will be deeply unhappy and probably not do a good job running the business.

This is your choice. To create your own plan for your life or to become part of someone else’s plan.

Comparing Yourself to Others
The intention of comparing our efforts to others and use that to inspire us to manifest our desires is a clever and useful strategy.

However, when we compare ourselves to others and judge ourselves as less than, not good enough, inadequate and all the other related destructing self-talk is a crime against ourselves.

To the very least, it stifles your growth and paralyzes your efforts so that you create a cycle of making little or no progress.

Rather compare yourself with you and in specific measurable areas so that you can determine what you can do to improve. That way it is not about your worth or value that is your inner being, but about your skills that are external to you.

Self-Doubt Perfectionism & Procrastination
These 3 crimes against yourself are a result of comparing yourself with others and focusing on the absence of what you desire and thereby fall into fear of not being good enough.

When you proudly say that you are a perfectionist, note that there is no applause from your inner being or the results you produce. Because what you are actually saying is that you are not good enough and that your work is not good enough. You are afraid to make a mistake and ultimately afraid to be ridiculed and rejected.

The thing is, that nobody but you is the judger. This is not to say that you must not have standards. This is not about standards. This is about using your fear to sabotage yourself.

A best practice is to have this list of criteria for when something is 80% ready to be put out there, because the feedback would give you the 20% to improve on.

This then boosts your confidence, removes self-doubt and procrastination.

Not Forgiving Yourself and Others
We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behaviour.  Most often we have no idea what the intentions are of others, because we don’t ask. We make assumptions that are almost always incorrect.

Harbouring grudges, judgements, shame, guilt, anger and resentment against yourself and others in your body is the recipe for attracting a life of low vibration, misery and disease.

When you forgive, you let go of these emotions and you wipe the slate clean to start again.  You accept that you are not perfect in your humanness and make mistakes. You also appreciate that this is the same for everybody else.

A best practice here is to visualize yourself , the people whom you need to forgive and those that need to forgive you around a campfire and to speak to everyone in turn, giving and asking for forgiveness.

Not using the Riches of Your Mind
When you commit all these crimes against yourself, you are not tapping into the riches of your mind to create the life that you desire.

Everybody at birth receives these amazingly powerful riches of perception, reason, imagination and intuition. Yet, we are not taught how to use these riches to create what we want. The underlying theme of all these higher faculties is choice. It is to use your power of choice to focus your thoughts and direct your mind to create what you desire in harmony with the Universal Laws of Source or God or Creative Substance – whatever this Higher Power is to you.

There are people who have discovered these riches and are using them.  They are easy to recognize, as they are the people who are successful, who seem to make a success of everything they do and live the life of their dreams.

This is available to every person on this planet. It does not matter where you are now in your life right now. When you start to wake up your conscious mind from its sleep, and decide to take charge of your mind and work with the Laws of the Universe, amazing things happen.

Not Developing Yourself
Often I hear people say that they don’t need to learn anything. They are done with school and have made a promise to themselves to never go to school again.

If this is you, then I urge you to rethink your promise, because the promise you have made is to a life of mediocrity and misery.

For, it is in developing yourself and becoming the being you need to be to manifest your dreams, lies the ultimate prize and that is to become your true self, in harmony with God.

Study your mind, the Laws of the Universe, habits of successful people, etc. to accelerate the manifesting of your dreams. This is one school that you will never get tired of attending!

Not Making Time to Think
Most people operate on autopilot and function in a blur of activity where every day just continues to the next.   Even if you are working to achieving your goals, you can still function in a blur of activity.

If this is you, then you are robbing yourself of partnering with the Universe.

We live in a Thought Universe and it is absolutely crucial to make time to tap into this Higher Mind of the Creative Substance to think, play and plan.  This is when ideas to solve your challenges come to you.

Napoleon Hill wrote of a specific man that he went to see and for whom he had to wait, as the man was busy with this exercise.

Do nothing is another way of resting and receiving. Take a break and go for a walk. Regroup between activities for at least 5 to 10 minutes just stretching and breathing, thinking intentionally what you wish to achieve next and wait for a new way of accomplishing it.

Asking powerful questions complements your time to think, play and plan. For example, what are 3 ways to …?  Focus on the outcome and you will receive the answers to get there.

Set 15 minutes aside everyday and even a full day or weekend to think, plan and play and you will be amazed at the results you get in your business and life.

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