It is an inherent human urge to become more, live more and have more. An athlete wants to run faster, a professional wants to improve their knowledge and skills.

Most people want to become more prosperous and manifest more money. That is a good thing, because we can only really live life to the full and improve our skills and talents if we have the money to invest in ourselves.

What would prosperity look like in your life? What things would let you know that you are prosperous, that prosperity is flowing to you.

If you wish to accelerate the manifesting of your desires, then it’s crucial for you become aware of the thinking patterns that may interfere with your intentions and how to overcome them.

Get clear on what you desire.
Having a clear vision or outcome of what you wish to achieve is the first port of entry to manifesting the life you desire.

This means for your vision to be so clear that you can create an image of it. In other words it is concrete, it is tangible. You can exactly see in your mind’s eye what the end result would look like in your life after you have achieved it.

What interferes with creating a clear vision, is changing your mind constantly. If you want one thing this week and something else next week, you create a confused and chaotic state that will be aggravated by doubts not seeing results.

You see, whenever you have a vision that you get emotionally involved in, then the Creative Substance starts working immediately to get you that. That happens every time you have an image that you energise.  So you can imagine, even if you just happily focus on what you desire, that if you change it all the time, you cause a start-stop-start motion of the Universe, that makes it impossible to manifest anything but chaos. All because you don’t give it enough time to actually organize things to make it happen.

What you must also remember is that it is not just you in the picture. The entire Universe is in this picture. There is always a bigger picture at play and everybody in this picture must win. For you to receive what you desire must also be for the highest good of all and harm to none.

Now, when you can focus and concentrate on your image and give thanks for it showing up until it actually does, your manifesting power will grow and you will get your desires manifested quicker and quicker.

Get clear on your Why.
It is worth investing time in creating your vision by describing in sensory language of what you will see, hear and feel when your vision shows up on the physical plane of your world. Part of this process is to explore why you want this. What will it give you and why is that important to you? Ask this question several times as it will reveal to you your deep desires that are actually driving your behaviour.

This what and why of your vision drive it emotionally and you would definitely want to tune into this frequently and also tune in to the image so that it becomes more vivid. When your image is fueled by your why it will evoke the intense feelings of what it will give you getting it.

And it is from this emotional vibration that you tune into your Inner Being and ask what your next step is to making it happen. What you desire will come to you via other people and you need to take action to receive it.

What will you give in return.
As far as the How to manifest your vision goes, is that you do need to have opportunities in place to be able to give back in return for what you are about to receive. There’s no such thing as a free lunch in the Universe. What you give in return relates to the services you provide or the products your sell.

It is a good practice to make a list of at least 25 ways of how you can create what you desire. Doing this exercise makes you aware that there is a ton of ways to get what you want. It also stimulates your creative thinking, so when you do this do not censor your ideas, just put them down. Taking the time to think one of the most important practices you can engage in.

The opportunity or opportunities to manifest your desires is most probably in the list and by doing the list it opens up your perception and awareness to recognize opportunities that you may have missed before.

Where we shoot ourselves in the foot, is when we start interfering with the Universe and we do that by thinking about the how, control, doubts and fear.

Avoid the traps of control, doubt and fear.
Be careful to not become attached to any of the ideas, because then you start interfering with the how of the manifestation and want to take control of howthe money or what your desire should show up. This is a fatal mistake, because in controlling, you start noticing what is not there yet and then the doubts and fears creep in.

Remember that your brain is a broadcasting station, constantly sending out your thought vibrations and attracting the experiences that match these vibrations.

So every time you go from feeling empowered and grateful and excited about your vision showing up and then start doubting and fearing that it will not show up, all your good work is down the drain and you start attracting what you don’t want.

So, the moment you feel a flicker of doubt or fear, know that you are switching your vibration to negative and immediately do something to bounce back to the vibration of your vision and you can effectively use your body to help you here.

Embrace Faith.
Most importantly is to practice Faith where you see the invisible as if it is already here and you believe in the incredible of it happening by the Laws of the Universe. Faith is like a muscle that you exercise and it becomes stronger and stronger. Your faith can move mountains and the lack of it can also create them.

Faith and Fear both require us to believe something unseen. One creates a life of bliss and the other one of misery. You need to consciously choose Faith and choose thoughts of faith. A sure way to do that is to call on the Higher Truths of the Universe that state that the supply is unlimited, the potential of possibilities is infinite and that what you desire is already here.

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