Wayne Dyer suggested that we shift from ambition to meaning. In fact, he said that as we get older and wiser, we realize the significance of having meaning in our business and life. That is to say to not chase money or status that are external to us, but to rather seek inner fulfillment.

Why choose? Why not have it all?

Why not have meaning and money? Why not have ambition to create your business for the highest good of all and harm to none and make an abundant living?

You don’t have to wait for the afternoon of your life to decide the time is here to let go of the ambition to be better, greater, have more money, have the exotic holidays to tell about in order to prove that you are a somebody.

You can do that right here, right now. I see this more and more where young entrepreneurs look to create a business that makes a difference to others. I guess we can definitely come to the conclusion that there is a shift in consciousness towards purpose and meaning.

The general connotation to someone who is very ambitious is that their mission is to get ahead no matter what they have to do. That of course speaks of lack and scarcity consciousness.

Many people still believe in the misconception that they won’t be able to make a lucrative living doing what they love. Influenced by parents and teachers, school leavers pursue careers deemed guaranteed to provide financial freedom. Again, this speaks of lack and scarcity consciousness.

Unfortunately there is a high price to pay for doing work that only gives financial freedom. It’s the price of feeling unfulfilled, as if there is something missing. It’s the price of feeling trapped doing work for the mere obligation to sustain a lifestyle. Studies have proved that money alone only motivates people up to a certain point.

I have seen that in my own life. I had no idea what to do with my life after school and eventually ended up in IT, because I had the aptitude for it. For a while I enjoyed it and although I was very good at it and could enjoy the external luxuries of life, I lacked the internal luxury of meaning for myself.

It’s only when I stumbled upon NLP that I realized what I have been missing. The rest is history.

There is no right or wrong here. No profession that is better than another. It is what is right for you. What makes you feel energized and fulfilled. Whatever that is.

The wonderful thing is that we are wired that way. When we do what we really love we never get tired of it. Of course we have to learn the skills to run a business in order to sustain and grow our work, impact and financial freedom. It remains a continuous journey with no destination as we keep growing and as the universe reveals more new learning and opportunities.

We then realize that we are part of the bigger picture of the universe.

We realize that our actions and interactions with others have a ripple effect onto everybody connected. When people leave your presence feeling good, then that feeling good will accompany them to their next action or interaction. And so on. The same happens to us.

That is when we experience the blessed side effects of enjoying our work on our health, vitality, energy and general wellbeing. That is when we see the miracle of Source in ourselves and in everybody and every thing else around us.

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