Creating a business can be an adventure. It can also be a nightmare. Most entrepreneurs are experts in their fields, but do not have the business skills to build a successful, profitable business.

The result is that they make mistakes that cost them dearly. Fortunately these mistakes can easily be corrected with huge improvements to their bottom line.

Let’s take a closer look.

Mistake #1. 
Spending too little time creating awareness and establishing yourself as an expert around your topic that leads to your offer. That means giving enough non-promotional value to your audience so that they welcome your offer.

When you spend enough time positioning yourself and your topic, referring to the specific problem your audience experiences and the solution, your audience looks forward to see how they can work further with you on it.

Not doing this adequately and your audience do not see you as an expert to trust you and buy from you.

Mistake #2.
Many entrepreneurs skip the crucial value-adding part of their marketing and go straight to promoting their offer. It is important to understand that your promotion and offer does not only comprise of selling your services, it is also inviting your audience to opt-in for your free report on your website or signing up for your free challenge or free training.

There is no shortcut to building a relationship with your potential clients. People only buy from people that they know, like and trust.

Mistake #3.
Inconsistent communication with your audience is another mistake that erodes your marketing results. This includes posting on social media and sending emails to your list. Here you are in a perpetual start-stop cycle where you gain momentum in engaging with your audience only to stop cold and then they don’t hear from you for a while.

Because there are many service providers in every niche, it can happen that as you stop communicating, another service provider steps in to fill the gap and fulfill the promise you created.

Mistake #4.
Overlaps in your marketing is another mistake to avoid. As is double bookings. This happens when while you are still busy enrolling clients for one offer, you already start marketing another launch. Or you start promoting a joint venture partner. Or while you are promoting a joint venture partner, you also start marketing your next program.

When you do this, you confuse your clients, because they don’t know what offer they should be interested in. This also does a disservice to your joint venture partner, as she does not get the attention of your audience as promised by you.

Mistake #5.
Joint ventures with service providers working with the same audience as you can be very lucrative in terms of revenue as well as building your list. However a mistake that many coaches make is to do last minute recruiting of joint-venture partners for their launches. As many entrepreneurs get booked and their calendars fill up with opportunities, it is crucial to secure joint venture partners for your launch giving enough lead-time.

It is then equally important to have space available in your calendar to take on opportunities offered to you by joint venture partners.

Mistake #6.
All of the above mistakes are symptoms of the core mistake that most entrepreneurs who struggle with overwhelm and anxiety make and that is not to plan their business year – when their launches and every other activity in their business are to happen.

This core mistake results in you merely reacting to your business instead of creating and steering your business to where you want it to go. By not planning, you create chaos in your business that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and anxious instead of being in flow.

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