What I am actually referring to are the results or rather the non-results of an unclear niche message. The message of your niche must reflect the tangible results that people get working with you.

It is here where many entrepreneurs battle. The first hurdle is to decide on a specific audience. What muddles clear tangible results is when the coach tries to satisfy more than one target market.

If you think of a message, you think of the language used in the message. Right? Now if your language does not articulate clearly who the target market is, the problem they have and the tangible result they will get as a result of your work, then even the ideal client will not hear the message.

It’s like tuning your radio find a specific station and if you hear a foreign language then you will continue turning the tuner until you find the station that makes you say, “Ah! Got it! That’s what I want to hear.”

So, the first decision to make is what your niche is. In other words, who the specific audience is, what their problems and desires are, what your solutions are and what the tangible results are that you promise and should align with the desires of your target market.

The next hurdle is to translate this niche into a message that articulates it in a tangible way so that it hooks your client to stay tuned for more. As simple as this sounds, it is not easy, proven by the fact that many if not most coaches struggle to find clients.

Let me share examples of intangible results.

Talk about the process or modality or methodology used instead of the result that the client will experience in her life as a consequence of the process. What will show up differently for the client?

Vague ideas such as be more in control or take charge of your life or stay on top of your game, stay ahead, etc., says nothing and can be interpreted in a hundred ways and it goes over your client’s head. It has no stick agent! The question here is, what does that look like?

Feelings as a result is another example of an intangible result and as much as we all want to feel fantastic and we know that in the end we want what we want because it will make us happy, it is not enough. What is missing is how we will respond differently to the context as a consequence of feeling differently. What will the client do differently? How will it change her experience of the specific context?

The snowball effect of an unclear message shows up in struggling to get clients and if you do, they probably would not be your ideal clients to start with. Your unclear message does not have any hooks that allow your clients to sit up and notice. You may make random sales that will not satisfy your money goals. In short, your business suffers and is under threat to close.

The snowball effect continues by eroding your confidence in your business and yourself, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious and filled with self-doubt.

Can you appreciate how an unclear niche message can sabotage your best efforts at getting clients, selling your programs and making money to sustain and grow your business? And furthermore, the waste of your time, energy and money on creating and marketing your gifts.

It makes sense to first focus on crafting a clear message, implying a clear and specific niche, making sure that it is translated into tangible results and benefits, grounded into real-life situations.

This will make your marketing easy, hook your clients and easily sell your programs, so that you can get a great return on investment of your time, energy and money and your clients will love you for it.

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