Going online is the trend today for coaches, spiritual entrepreneurs, expert-preneurs, etc., with the intention to reach more clients and make more money.

A sound business strategy indeed. However, diving in with both feet does not ensure a successful outcome to this obvious way to expand your business.

Rather, it is the frustration of putting in copious amounts of hours and spending copious amounts of money in updating the website and subscribing to unnecessary systems prematurely that leaves the entrepreneur wondering what went wrong.

In my experience of creating online programs, products and systems, I have made huge mistakes and lost too much money to count. Needless to say, I have learned how to do this as well as how definitely not to do it.

In my quest of creating a successful online coaching business with successful online programs, I have created an easy step-by-step simple and effective process to ensure success without a high price tag.

Step 1: Define your vision for your business.
Creating an online program is a strategic move and needs to fit in with the strategy and vision of your business. If you don’t have a crystal clear vision for you business, creating an online program is just a random act that will not end well.

Step 2: Define your niche.
Here many entrepreneurs fall flat, because they don’t know how to or don’t want to decide on a specific audience and specific message of how they serve their clients. This is the core piece to ensure a successful product. Your niche must align with your vision.

Step 3: Define your brand.
You are your brand and your brand is much more than the colours on your website. Your brand needs to align with your niche.

Step 4: Define your product or program.
What is your program or product all about? What is your idea for solving what problem for your ideal client and what will be the tangible result? Obviously your product must align with your niche, brand and vision.

Step 5: Design your product or program.
Here you create the outline or framework of the product or program that would best suit the content and delivery of your program to your audience.

Step 6: Design your offer.
Creating an irresistible offer that your client immediately says yes to, is an art and it involves the balance of content and delivery as well as bonuses.

Step 7: Test the market.
Now that you have designed the framework of your program and know what you offer your client, it is time to do market research and test whether your audience would pay to have the problem solved that your product or program promises.

Step 8: Launch your pilot program.
Doing a pilot program does a number of valuable things for you. It gives you the opportunity to really test the market. It also gives you the space to create your program and deliver it to an audience who has already paid for it. Lastly it gives you social proof.

Step 9: Set up your marketing strategy to re-launch your program.
Now that you have delivered your pilot program, getting amazing testimonials, you are ready to grow up your online business and get the things in place that would enable you to re-launch your program over and over again.

Step 10: Re-launch your successful program or product.
You have created a program that your audience loves and now you have everything in place to turn it into a moneymaking machine and start working on your next product.

Well, there you have it. I have a mastermind program where I facilitate coaches and other entrepreneurs to launch their first successful online product.

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