Do you feel like you do everything right and yet your clients just don’t see you? As if you are invisible and your clients seem nowhere to be seen. It’s like you and your ideal clients are passing each other in the dark.

Very frustrating indeed. And of course even if you have the best intentions of helping people and fulfilling your purpose, you feel powerless not being able to do so. This then has a downward spiral. No clients mean no sales which means no money. No money coming in means no business. Everybody loses out. Sounds familiar?

So what if by knowing what you are missing, you can get that into place so that getting in front of your ideal clients becomes easy and effortless?

Let’s take a closer look.

For any entrepreneur, the biggest challenge is to get in front of their clients. Most often it proves to be difficult and even seems impossible because their approach is not conducive to that happening.

What makes it not conducive is when we don’t have the fundamentals in place.

With every facet of your business, online and offline, these fundamentals need to be in place before any continuous flow can be expected.

First of all, mindset is of utmost importance. Your relationship with your Self is the core to your business and life. I am sure you know that. Your beliefs about you, your value, your ability to serve your clients, that clients want to work with you, that you are good enough, that your work is good enough, will drive you attracting or repelling clients.

Without this core piece in place and healthy, rendering you with unshakable inner confidence, will make the rest of what I talk about here, extremely difficult, stressful, unsatisfying and mostly an impossible uphill battle.

You want to be in front of your ideal clients. In order to be able to do that you need to identify your ideal client. So of course are talking about your niche and your message. This is where many entrepreneurs struggle and get stuck. Not knowing what your niche is ensures that your clients don’t hear your message.

Once you know who your ideal client is, it becomes easier to find them. When you create an avatar of your ideal client you will know where to look for them. Often your ideal clients are people like you who have the same challenges you have or had.

Life is about relationships. So is business. So is building your client base. There is no getting away from this. My coach explained it so profoundly. It is to treat your building relationship with your client like dating someone. There is first coffee, then dinner and most probably a few dinners before it goes any further. You don’t jump into bed the first time you meet someone!

Same with clients. They won’t buy from you until they know you and trust you. The relationship needs to develop first so that trust can be established and you prove your credibility of being able to help them get to their result.

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