I am sure you know this famous quote by Neale Donald Walsch.

And although we know that and we long for that promise, few of us actually venture beyond our comfort zone.

The reason for that is the fear of the unknown. The fear of uncertainty stops us in our tracks. The irony is that the known is the past where nothing changes. Even though it is miserable we say, “Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t.”

It’s to step out in faith. Faith in Spirit and also faith in ourselves. That we will be able to figure things out. That we have done that before. Our comfort zone was once unknown territory before we got used to it.

We have learned to fear the unknown and yet the unknown is our friend. The unknown is full of possibility and potential. Feeling uncomfortable is the gateway to growth and expansion and of course possibility.

We have learned to associate the unknown with fear. What if you could change that association to unlimited possibility? How would that inspire you to take that step into the unknown?

The other thing about venturing beyond your comfort zone implying change is the idea of loss, of losing what we have now. I coached a client of mine on this the other day. She was offered a fantastic opportunity that would mean her business would skyrocket and she would go from zero to hero in a very short time.

However she was skeptical and upon delving into this, we discovered that she feared the loss of her freedom. Taking the opportunity would mean her current daily routine would be thrown out the window. No more working from home in her pj’s. No it would mean her showing up at her client’s offices and deliver her magic in various ways.

Further exploration showed that she would still be doing what she loved. What would change would be her working environment. Not working alone at home, but among people and working in a team. And of course answering to someone makes her feel she now has a ‘boss’ – she has lost her freedom, her autonomy.

“What would be good about this?” I asked. She said, “The money of course!” No more cash flow pressure. She would easily be able to pay her bills and buy what she needed.

“Well” I said “you could look at it that ‘losing’ your freedom in one way would give you freedom in another. So, it is not a loss at all, it is merely shifting and that shifting means gaining something else.” Her eyes widened and a smile beamed on her face. “I never thought about it that way” she said.

So often we first look at the reasons something would not work for us and then lose out on life-changing opportunities. Now that’s a loss to be afraid of and avoid!

Rather first look at the reasons something would work for you and how it could work for you.

Before you talk yourself out of something new next time, ask these questions:

  • What is the best outcome of this?
  • How could this work for me?
  • What would be great about that for me?
  • What is the worst outcome of this?
  • Is it worse than what I have now?
  • Even so, what would be a good thing about it?
  • Can I live with that?

Here’s to you stepping out of your comfort zone and LIVE!

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