It amazes me the stories we tell ourselves. This is probably the most startling awareness I have experienced in my life. The 60000 daily thoughts that keep mulling over and over in our minds, confirming our stories. They become our truth.

Now if you are a coach, then you know that whatever your client’s problem is, there is a story behind that. A story that paints a picture of the beliefs, assumptions and rationalizations that makes the story real for them and in fact creates their reality.

Your job as a coach is to mirror the blind spots your client has of their story so that they can have insights that would change their story.  Unfortunately even as coaches we are not blind spot free. You know we all have them. We are human, for goodness sake!

We also have our stories about our business, the clients we get or not get, the money we make or not make, the success we have or not have.  Our stories are confirmed by our thoughts and feelings. Now I know that what I am talking about here are basics. Of course you know this.

Well, I thought I so too. Until I became acutely aware of how I created my life and my business with what I was thinking about! When I became aware of the triggers that evoke and develop my stories it was astounding to me how often I was thinking about what I did not want!

Of course this evokes and feeds our fear as a result of the assumptions we make thinking about the worst-case scenario consequences. Then we are paralysed. When we buy into the story we strip ourselves of inspiration.

And true to survival instinct, once we calm the fear we default back to do, do, do. Often doing the same things expecting different results! But because we still operate from fear of lack, our energy is out of alignment with what we want.

This illustrates how important it is to first BE who you want to be, to DO what you love in order to HAVE what you want. That means to be in alignment with what you want and take inspired action.

So how do we do that?

Besides getting a coach that would accelerate the process, you can do the following:

First and foremost become aware of what your 60000 thoughts that you get everyday are all about. Without awareness there is no game changer. It’s best to write them down so that you can keep track of how they change.

Write it.

  • What are you thinking?
  • What are you feeling about that?
  • How are you responding?
  • What are the consequences?

Challenge and change your story.

  • Is this true?
  • Do you want this to be your truth?
  • If not, what do you want instead to be your truth?
  • Imagine that, feel that and write your new story.
  • Who are you BEING now?
  • How are you responding now?
  • What are the consequences?

Create it.

  • Make a drawing of your present state and your desired state. Do your desired state drawing in colour. Step in to your colour picture and BE there fully and tell the story of that desired state picture.
  • Who are you BEING and what are you DOING from this way of being?
  • What is the first action you can take towards your desired state?

Let me know how this works for you.

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