The common component or denominator is you of course and specifically your relationship with your self. The quality of your relationship with yourself determines and mirrors the quality of every facet of your life.

So let’s look at the effect of your relationship with your self on these different facets of your life.

Self-belief, self-efficacy, self-trust, self-worth, self-confidence are all key ingredients to experience success. Self-doubt and self-contempt erodes your sense of self and paralyzes your capabilities to effectively lead, perform the tasks and make the decisions to propel your business forward. This means that you are driven by fear of failure and of losing control.

  • Do you feel in charge of your self and your business moving forward?
  • Do you trust your decisions?
  • Do you lead with unshakeable inner confidence?


  • Do you continuously doubt yourself, your skills, your decisions?
  • Do you compare yourself with others and feel inadequate?
  • Are you in permanent crisis-management fearing failure, success or losing control?

What is important to know is that if you experience self-doubt and self-worth issues, you are not alone. Most entrepreneurs and especially women entrepreneurs struggle with this on some level. However, these issues can easily be resolved and I will show you how.

When your relationship with your self is that of unconditional self-love and self-worth, then you are the queen of your heart and you lead your self and your business from your heart with a strong spiritual connection and guidance.

Love Life
Who you are in your relationship as a partner and lover is a reflection of your relationship with yourself. This reflection is what your relationship looks like.

Do you feel like the diva in your relationship with your partner and family?
Do you feel loved, appreciated and important?
Are your expectations met and do you feel comfortable voicing them?


Do you feel like the doormat in your relationship with your partner and family?
Do you feel resentment towards your partner?
Do you feel jealous of your partner?
Do you think that:

  • Your needs are not important enough.
  • Your needs are last in the queue.
  • Your opinion is not asked or deemed important.
  • You are expected to serve and make sure that everybody’s life is sorted and running smoothly.
  • You don’t get appreciation or recognition for your efforts.

Your thoughts result in feelings and then a neuro-chemical cocktail of Noradrenalin, Dopamine and Serotonin is released in your brain and transmitted through your body. The ratio of these neuro-transmitters depends on the emotion you feel as a result of the thoughts you are having.

Now, if you think happy thoughts and you experience self-gratification, loads of Dopamine and Serotonin with less Noradrenalin are transmitted. This has a positive effect on your immune system and of course your health.

If you think unhappy thoughts and experience stress, anger, frustration, depression then loads of Noradrenalin and less or no Dopamine and Serotonin are transmitted. This has a negative effect on your immune system and compromises your health and can result in disease.

If for example you are overweight, then chances are that you eat to find the pleasure and gratification that you lack in your love life. Your brain will force you to do something in order to generate Dopamine and this is the root cause of addiction. When we lose connection we may try and fill that empty space with food, sugar, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. This gives a surge of Dopamine but is only temporary relief.

Your relationship with your self is a direct reflection of your relationship with money. When you believe you are unworthy of abundance then you will experience and operate from the fear of scarcity.

I have personally experienced all the above in my life and it is only when I realized and integrated that I am deeply loved by the Divine and that loving myself is a Spiritual practice that every facet of my life changed. And it is bliss!

And that is what I want for every body and it is my mission to help people, especially women to experience this as well.

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