This morning I realized once again that we choose our soul’s journey to conquer the one thing that gives us the most pain. That is where we find our purpose in life. We all have our own story and our own pain to overcome.

I wrote my story in one sitting. It just poured out of me. It was as if I had written it a thousand times before. My story is about self-love or rather the lack of it that infiltrated every facet of my life like a cancer. Of course this is only part of it. Like a synopsis. There is much more to come but I am not ready to put it all on paper yet.

Because when we are truly honest, we hurt people. We hurt those close to us. Our stories of hurt often happened years before. We remember them clearly because we were on the receiving end. However the contributors to our story have long forgotten or are not even aware of their part in our pain.

So we keep the stories locked away and we put on a brave face to continue with life until it is time to tell them. For 20 courageous women the time has come to tell their stories of pain, sorrow, trauma and triumph.

Love Unboxed are the stories of every woman. Of you. Of your mother, sister, friend. It’s the story of the woman you see in the street, in the queue of the supermarket, living next door to you.

I am privileged to be one of these 20 incredible women who have found the collective courage to unite in speaking out and telling their story from their heart and soul, raw and real.

The intention behind the idea of this life-changing book by Placida Acheru is so that every woman can identify with and be inspired to triumph over their pain and impossible obstacles and circumstances. She can be victorious, knowing that another woman in her shoes already went through what she is going through, giving her permission to say, “I’M POSSIBLE!”


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